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Meet the Characters: Hadwin

Map of Frayoneth A good friend sticks closer than a brother - but it's even better when your brother is a good friend. Hadwin is Baldwin's closest friend and biggest supporter - even though they don't always get along. From the time Baldwin was born, Hadwin rarely left his side. Their childhood was filled with… Continue reading Meet the Characters: Hadwin

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Meet the Characters: Bagus

"Absolutely Insane!" Bagus whooped, "I should have thought of that." Map of Frayoneth With a king on his tail and a past that he himself barely understands, Bagus is nothing if not sarcastic, yet brilliant. Well, sometimes. Bagus grew up in Elitar, the land ruled by King Heolstor. His father worked as a beamer, and… Continue reading Meet the Characters: Bagus

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Meet the Characters: Kifu

Map of Frayoneth Prince of Eitar, heir to the throne, and hated by his father, Kifu is stronger than he looks - which isn't saying much. Kifu was born to Heolster and Celine, King and Queen of Elitar. His life itself began in tragedy, with his mother dying in childbirth, leaving his father crushed. Heolster,… Continue reading Meet the Characters: Kifu

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Meet the Characters: Areli

Half-lion and half-man, Areli is a war hero from Niezavib - the land just south of Gumbee Forest and home to the Kentauri. The Kentauri are the most advanced species in Frayoneth and possibly the most dangerous. Each Kentaur is half human and half animal, giving them abilities that few other could hope to possess.… Continue reading Meet the Characters: Areli

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Meet the Characters: Baldwin

Map of Frayoneth Today, I'd like to introduce you to a young character named Baldwin. Baldwin is a Gumbee, meaning he lives in Gumbee Forest, and my stories tend to revolve around our little Gumbee's adventures. As a young boy, Baldwin lost his parents, and he and his brother, Hadwin, were sent to live with their… Continue reading Meet the Characters: Baldwin


A Guide to the Creatures of Frayoneth

Gumbees The most agile of Frayoneth's occupants are the Gumbees, the people occupying the Gumbee Forest. Gumbees are known for their beautiful architecture and adventurous spirits, and are well loved for these things. Their houses are made of wood, placed hight in the canopy of the forest. They spend most of their time with their… Continue reading A Guide to the Creatures of Frayoneth


A History of Frayoneth

Welcome to Frayoneth, a world of creatures and people you've never heard of before. Home to Gumbees, Pearls, Moonpixies, Kentauri, and many other fascinating species. Frayoneth began not long ago, when three rulers founded their civilizations on its lands. The first was a king by the name of Heolster, the second, a female dragon called… Continue reading A History of Frayoneth